Production Costs

These are the costs of producing custom shoes under your brand, and have them shipped to you, or your customers.


Producing custom MTO orders, one by one

69-74 €

*per pair, depending on the style

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Shipping an order to you, or to your customer

14 €*

*shipping example of 1 pair to Europe


Producing custom orders in small batches.

43-55 €

*per pair, depending on the style

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We grant you access to our streamlined and scalable production and logistics infrastructure, capable of manufacture and deliver thousands of pairs a month


We take care of all the supplier-hassle for you. We source every material, accessory, and custom part, and negotiate volume-based prices with them, without overhead costs.

Stock Keeping

We keep in stock a full repository of materials, with hundreds of leathers, fabrics, sole units, etc. Ultimately, every part is kept ready to be used on your MTO orders.

Service Pricing

We strive to keep our production prices as low as possible, without overhead costs. That's why we opted for a flat partnership fee to access our services.

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If you are only interested in our BULK production service, that is, producing your RTW collections in large Mini-Bulk & Bulk batches of 10+ units per style, there will be no monthly partnership fee associated to your account, however, you won’t be able to place individual MTO orders.

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