Got Questions?

We have compiled some of the most asked questions regarding our production services. If you can't find an answer to your questions here, please, contact us!

When you become a partner you are granted full access to our comprehensive MTO & BULK design, production, and logistic services using your own brand, as well as to our large array of additional services and products. You are provided with your own private labeled tools and designing platforms to sell both online and offline. Tech maintenance, cloud hosting, and service support is also included.

We strive to keep our service rates and production margins as low as possible. This is at the very heart of our core values and our main goal is passing our partners all benefits and price reductions we can accomplish, either by achieving large production volumes at the factories, improving our internal strategies and logistics, or negotiating discounts with suppliers.

As a production office, we chose the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model to fund ourselves. Thanks to our partners monthly membership (€19.95), we are able to keep running and improve our production infrastructure and services.

Orders are automatically launched to production once payment has been completed. After placing an order, you can access your own production control panel. On your production control panel you will be able to see all your orders and check real time production and shipping status. You can send payments to launch order to production (pay button) and view former invoices issued on existing MTO and BULK orders.

You can use the “group shipping” feature and group several  MTO orders for invoicing and shipping purposes. Group shipping will help you in reducing your shipping costs per shipment.

You can develop your own custom stamps so your orders are embossed with your brand’s logo.

You may want to skip this step and receive your first sample order(s) unlabeled, that is, no logos engraved on the products. Otherwise, you should purchase one of our stamp starter kits that can be found your back office. There are a few different stamps kits available, each of them containing the necessary stamps for a specific product family (shoes, belts, bags… etc).

Production time is 3-4 weeks for MTO orders and 6-8 weeks for BULK orders.

Yes, you can develop your own dust bags and shoe boxes.

Our box supplier is the most flexible shoe box factory in Spain.  We convinced him over the last few years to work with us on low qty volume so that we could offer customized boxes to our clientele.  Normally, any box supplier will ask a minimum of 1000-1500 boxes for customization but he agreed to manufacture a minimum of just 10 units.

Yes, we offer a drop shipping service which allows you to send your orders directly to your customers to any part in the world.

See below a list of some of the services and products that we currently offer:

Custom Packaging:

  • Shoe Boxes
  • Dust Bags

Custom Accessories:

  • Shoe Trees
  • Shoe Horns
  • Shoe Care Kits
  • Photography Studio
  • Product Photography
  • Rotate 360 Clips
  • Lifestyle Pictures
  • Manufacturing Videos
  • Manufacturing Pictures

 Although returns due to sizing issues are not permitted, we provide enough tools to guarantee the correct fitting of our shoes, the first one being having your own try on set. You can find predesigned try on sets in your back office but you can create your own try on sets at a reduced cost by placing regular bulk orders. 

Additionally, we have released an integration with FeetSizr (, a highly effective app that relies in high tech developments and an empirical study of hundreds of gentlemen. FeetSizr can be used as a complement to scan your feet and obtain your FeetSizr Size ID. Then, the Size ID can  be used during the “size selection” step of the checkout to obtain a size suggestion.

We will be glad to develop and produce your own shoe styles (shoe collections) based on your own shoe patterns. New styles developed will remain exclusive for your brand.

This service is compatible with the following e-Commerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

E-commerce platforms not compatible with our e-Commerce integration are Wix and Squarespace. 

With this integration, our designing tool will be able to add new items to the shopping cart of your e-Commerce regardless of whether they come from predesigned styles from Get Inspired or from our designing tool. When the order is finally paid in your e-Commerce to you by your customer, the relevant order information will be automatically sent to our production control panel so our factories may start its production as soon as you pay the manufacturing cost of this order.

The cost for integrating Shopify, WooCommerce or PrestaShop is 199,95€ (single fee).

You should meet the following requirements:

Your designing tool should be already published in your website by using either an iFrame or a new page link. This task should be performed by your team.

IMPORTANT: If any of the following actions are undertaken at your site after our integration has been already deployed, our team will need to review and assess the costs to ensure the integration is working properly:

– Should you have changed your main domain or hosting.

– Should you have installed a different theme at your site.

– Should you have switched from one compatible e-Commerce to another.

– Should you have uninstalled, disabled or misconfigured our deployed software.


Finally, some remarks regarding the integration:

– If order payments are set at your e-Commerce to be confirmed by you, orders won’t be automatically sent to our systems, remember we’re only receiving paid orders. Paid status in PrestaShop is ‘Payment accepted’ and ‘Processing’ in WooCommerce.

– When the integration is finished, there will be some new products created by our team at your e-Commerce backoffice with tags such as ‘Custom Double Monk’, one product per our designing tool style. Do not use or modify those products since they are for our e-Commerce integration, otherwise it could stop accepting orders.

– You will need to update the pricing list at our backoffice with proper public/customer/retail prices, so please go to Configuration > Styles & Prices to set those up. and then notify us so we can reimport them to your e-Commerce with that updated data.


We may set everything you may need regarding interface changes. Our configurator is a mix of WebGL, HTML, CSS and Javascript so almost everything may be updated.

Currently, the level of customization for our configurator is very deep. We have two interface redesign options -Lite and Full- and the differences are the following:

  • Lite Interface Redesign (€550 single fee)

The Lite interface redesign allows the companies to change the colors and fonts to be like your corporate brand image. You will be able to:

Change colors (buttons colors, active backgrounds colors, header backgrounds colors).

Use your own font.

  • Full Interface Redesign (€950 single fee)

Full Interface Redesign is a service we’re offering to companies to allow them to get a 2D graphical user interface as close as their corporate brand image (look & feel) and represents one of the many advantages of this MTO Program. With this service you will be able to:

Modify existing Backgrounds.

Modify positions, sizes and orientations of some assets.

Modify existing Button images and Logos (images like shoe categories, access area, etc.).

Modify existing Labels.

Use your own font.

In order to help your 2D artists, we may share with you our master 2D Photoshop files that are used to build our default 2D interface. This should be the vehicle between us since we need to build your design (CSS+HTML) according to the PhotoShop files received. If you include new features (new buttons, new functionalities) in your design, they will be added to the previous amount.

These redesigns only affects the 3D Designing Tool. Get Inspired and RTW sections are not included in this service because it’s not possible to modify the design.

It’s also advisable to create a different design specific for mobile devices. And since this would be a new project it should be quoted separately.